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At the Wisdom Project, we combine the new sciences of wisdom and mindfulness to promote individual and collective flourishing, one project at a time. Our programs present an ecology of tools and cognitive styles that support better decision-making at work, in the community, or personally.

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Promoting individual and collective excellence through the new sciences of wisdom and mindfulness.

Even the smartest and most educated among us can be foolish when confronted with complex problems. Prioritizing life projects, evaluating political positions, managing family dynamics, leading teams, and understanding climate change are all examples of complex problems that may challenge the boundaries of our rationality. Our natural tendency is to jump to conclusions without carefully evaluating all the evidence available to us. This is helpful in our daily lives, as we do not need to relearn every day that our dog's name is Fido, or how to brush our teeth. Yet, this tendency leads to errors in our thinking when confronted with complex problems where an effective solution requires a deliberate commitment to the development of multiple perspectives and the acceptance of the incompleteness of each perspective. It requires wisdom.
Fortunately, the new science of wisdom is giving us access to what makes a person or collective wise, and therefore to educational interventions for the development of better decision-making. By blending current science with practices from the wisdom traditions of the past, we can learn new ways to upgrade life, work, and community.
One step at a time, project by project, we can become our better selves, individually and socially.


Changing our world. One project at a time.


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Learn how to integrate the seven wisdom skills in your decision-making when addressing personal, work-related, or relational challenges in your life. This 7-week program will help you improve your decision-making by relying on proven tools of concepts of the new sciences of wisdom and mindfulness. Contact us for a short free-of-charge interview by filling out the form below.


Vintage Compass

Engage your work teams in a new way by combining traditional tools for strategy and project management with the new tools and concepts of the sciences of wisdom and mindfulness. Be ready to discover the previously unseen pathways and strengths that the Wisdom Project can unlock in your teams. Contact us for a short free-of-charge interview by filling out the form below.


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Embrace transformational decision-making at the personal, intrapersonal, or extrapersonal level by addressing a complex challenge using the skills and tools of the new sciences of wisdom and mindfulness. Learn how to use the Wisdom Project framework and tools to  bring excellence to life, work, and community.  Contact us for a short free-of-charge interview by filling out the form below.


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"Wisdom, as the ability to overcome self-deception and pierce into what is real, has been a perennial ideal of humankind. From shamans to prophets, to mystics and sages, wisdom embodies an ideal of human excellence present in all known cultures. We can develop this precious virtue by cultivating seven different skills which, supporting each other, help bring excellence to our life, work, and community."

Dr Iris Stammberger

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